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AutoEcoRating has moved

We’ve now moved to our own site, simply, and this original WordPress-hosted site will be phased out.

We’ve also done a major update of the AutoEcoRating methodology, superceding the beta version used on this original site. Check out an overview of the update on the new site.

Welcome to AutoEcoRating!

AutoEcoRating provides information to help consumers compare cars according to their environmental impact. It scores cars and light trucks using what we call an “eRating” — an automotive ranking scale that represents just how environmentally friendly one vehicle is in comparison to another.

Think of the eRating like a “green” horsepower. Just as a horsepower number tells you how powerful a car or truck is for going fast, the eRating tells you how green it is, meaning how well it minimizes the impact on the environment when you drive it. The higher the eRating, the lower the damage to the planet. Read more…